Inexpensive Decoration Ideas for a Small Bathroom
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Inexpensive Decoration Ideas for a Small Bathroom

Learn fun new tips on how to decorate a small bathroom on a minimal budget to add more space, freshness and color.

In previous articles on remodeling bathrooms, and remodeling kitchens, I covered many areas on fixtures, space saving ideas and inexpensive modifications that can be done with a small budget. In this article, I'll be taking a look at inexpensive decoration ideas for a newly remodeled small bathroom.

In small spaces, especially ones that are multi-use and multi-function, it is easy to over clutter it and add the appearance of less space or even an unclean space unintentionally. But there are ways to add the flare of a personal touch without overdoing it.

Mirrors are a great way to decorate because they give the illusion of more space, they add to the functionality of the room and offer an alternative to paintings or artwork that works for a tight budget.

Mirrors are simple but the frame doesn't have to be. This is where we can get a little creative and add something unique. In this image shown below, the mirror is framed with a natural wood trim border that is both very unique and artistic. The wood adds an element of nature and would work wonderfully with a color palette that focuses on natural earthy tones such as soft greens, dusty ambers and even smoky tones like grays or neutral browns. Although, it's good to note that if your color palette is already a similar shade of brown or honey, a different color trim on your mirror would give a better contrasting color.

Image Source

For a bathroom that has a very simple color palette, mirrors with a stained glass or textured tile border works great to tie all the colors in together without overpowering the room. The mirror becomes a focal point and can be placed above the sink or even on a separate wall facing the tub or shower.

Image Source

Don't have enough space for a large mirror? The image shown below is a great alternative. Three circular mirrors were adhered to ceramic plates and hung on the wall. Suction cup hooks or removable adhesive hooks can be used to hang the mirrors and for less than $5, hanging fixtures can be applied to the back side of the plates for easy mounting. This design, because it adds a different texture and dimensional depth, can be the same color or color tone as the walls. Similar to how a midline border works for painting walls with a different texture on the lower half of the wall, this duplicates that concept.

Image Source

Mirrors are not the only thing that can be used to decorate the bathroom. Living plants can work just as well and they add an earthy element and freshness to the room. Creating a bathroom garden is easy and is becoming popular. It's important to note that if you are going to use live plants, you will want to either be sure the plant has access to the indirect light from a bathroom window or, an inexpensive grow light can be installed easily above in a corner or adjoined between the wall and ceiling. Remember, we want to take away any visual clutter, so if you need to install a grow light, which there are many varieties, you'll also want to conceal the cords so they aren't as visible. A neat tip to hiding the cord is to install the light, run the cord along a wall border, corner or the adjoining area between the wall and ceiling and then paint the cord using the same paint that was applied to the walls. Be sure not to pain over the prongs or ends of the cords.

Image Source

Image Source

It is also important to note that you will want to choose plants that thrive in indirect light and be sure to check the moisture and watering directions too. Bamboo plants and Bonsai trees work great for small spaces.

Image Source

Image Source

Bonsai trees also come in a variety of colors that bloom.

Another unique idea for a bathroom is to add natural crystals and gemstones. Many people enjoy bathroom time for meditation and relaxation, and crystals are a perfect meditation tool that can also add a visual appeal to the room. Crystals can be placed on shelves or in bowls beside the sink or even on the back of the toilet. The image below features a Clear quartz crystal cluster.

Image Source

As well, natural river rock or smooth stones can be set in a bowl and used in the bathtub for heated stone massage with body oils. They can be multi-functional and add a softness to the room. When pricing stones, you'll want to explore the internet to find the best prices but keep in mind, if you order something online be sure that you know the dimensions of what you're buying. Many times the image shown is larger than the actual size. Crystals such as the image shown above will be more costly than river rock or other natural stones. Although for the gem collector and stone enthusiast, this is a great addition to the room. Craft stores often have many types of natural stone that are sold in bags and perfect sized quantities that are used in vases and table displays. Or, if the weather suits you and you find yourself on a nature walk, it can be fun to collect stones as you go along and then use them in your bathroom for decoration. Keep in mind that the stones which are sold in craft stores are usually polished and can be gentler on the skin if the purpose is to use them for massage.

Image Source

Keep in mind that whatever you choose to use for decoration that your materials hold up well in a steamy room. For example, you'll want to avoid wall hangings that are made with cheaper or thinner woods that will warp, or large hangings such as art made on any kind of paper like watercolor paper or handmade papers. Instead, if you're looking to do something artistic, you may want to consider canvas. A neat innovative idea that has recently become available are websites and companies that now allow you to upload any photograph or image that can be reproduced on canvas. So your favorite family photo or digital artwork you like can be transformed into a canvas print which will definitely be more durable in a bathroom than other types of art.

Image Source

If you don't have a window in an already small space, adding the illusion of a window can be a fun project as well. Installing a small curtain on the wall or even curtain around a large mirror can be just what the room needs for an illusion of a larger space or more light.

Experiment and have fun. Your small room doesn't have to be uninspiring and a tight budget doesn't have to limit your imagination or creativity.

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Plants are lovely and lively decor, nice job Debbie.

Interesting, well written and well illustrated

Thank you Ron and Abdel :) Much appreciated.

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