How To Give Your Bathroom A New Look
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How To Give Your Bathroom A New Look

Learn the simple tricks of giving your bathroom floor and walls a new look.

The usual bathrooms in some contemporary homes are lacking in beauty and in safety issues. Very common are those with cemented walls and floors, bereft of any other materials needed for the upkeep of the ideal human existence or safety issues. Of paramount importance is the manner in which people in a hurry try to keep the bathroom clean and presentable, especially when visitors and other acquaintances come around.

  Granted, as resplendent as your bathroom may be, it probably needs a make-shift. In many homes across the country, bathrooms are below moderate standards of cleanliness. Some are dangerous and can lead to severe accidents, which in turn, may lead to death. This fact is enough reason for one’s taking adequate care of the bathroom. 

The Floor

  The kitchen and bathroom floor area are often neglected. But of the two, the bathroom is often more neglected. Think of it, negligent householders would want to ignore the room where they do nothing essential than bathe or do some other trivial or shameful things like urinating.

  One of the things you must do to keep your bathroom floor clean is to be in possession of the right tools for cleaning. Considerate thought might given to the proper cleaning of bathrooms from the time those areas were built. If the bathroom floor was built in such a manner that water residues are often seen on the corners of the walls, then there is a problem. 

  The floor of the bathroom must be built in such a way that no pool of water, no matter how shallow should be left after a bath. This allows the bathroom floor to remain clean and without bad smells. The cleaner can easily accomplish scrubbing of walls and floors without strenuous effort. The floors too can be cleaned and left shiny if they were tiled. One other advantage of having tiles in your bathroom is the prevention of fire, as many people nowadays resort to keeping gallons of petrol in the bathroom area. 

The Wall And Other Areas

  If the walls are cemented and budget is tight, you could consider putting tiles half-way up the walls so that water does not perforate the walls, leading to the weakening of sections of walls. The added benefit is that cleaning the walls become easier because grimes do not always find their way onto tiles.

  Another area is the sink, which must be scrubbed regularly as well, not with abrasive materials, but with non-abrasive (that cannot scratch smooth surfaces) materials. The same goes for the tiles. Ensure that you wipe water off the surface of sink after use. Bath tub, if there is one, must be cleaned regularly with the same brush you use for the sink. This care is needed to keep the tiles shiny at all times.

  In addition, a better way to preserve the beauty and safety of lives in a bathroom is by nailing a cabinet on the wall. This usually best when there is lack of space. Also, keeping paraphernalia inside the cabinet helps to avoid disarray.

  Conclusively, the bathroom area; floor, wall, and faucets must measure up in terms of cleanliness. It does not have to measure up to the wealthy standards, but with basic amenities, any bathroom can appear new at all times.

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